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Review of InSammer “Seeds” digital album (2018)

(Digital Album)
℗ 2018 Para Music Group / The Orchard / Sony Music
7 tracks = 29'10"

InSammer “Seeds” at iTunes

Too many young musicians around the world want to become stars of actual musical styles and substyles, and this is natural. But at the same time it’s unnatural that not all of them can come up with some kind of non-musical hook on the level of self-promotion – yes, at the very beginning of their careers. But Swedish band InSammer, unlike many competitors, has such a hook: it’s the self-styled designation of the group style as Transfusion Metal. That's right, transfusion in the literal sense is interpenetration, but this term also means blood transfusion as well. Even looking at the cover of InSammer’s debut album “Seeds” you can guess that native element of this band is not the most heaviest kind of Nu Metal… And here we can talk much more than about interpenetration of styles in just one body of work. And guess what? Yes, we can speak about blood transfusion. And not even between musical styles and substyles, but between cultures. National cultures, if you like.

Embedding of rock music and even Nu Metal in mainstream is primarily determined by interpenetration (again!) between them – just look at success of Toto in US or latter-day Queen in Europe. InSammer goes the same way, but it’s quite impossible to tell that band’s guiding star is the legacy of Korn or other Nu Metal top stylists, once worked with renowned producer Ross Robinson. The secret here based on combination of the vocal drama of frontlady Vika, and the frantic playing of instrumentalists. Probably the most illustrative example of European blood transfusion into the overseas nu-metal body is “Darkness”, first half of which is stylish guitar heavy pop with even some traces of urban music, but second part is highly dramatic Nu Metal. So if you need an accurate and almost visual definition of what Transfusion Metal is, it’s in front of you in the shape of “Darkness”. But the song program as a whole begins far more traditionally, with a sweeping and dashing Nu Metal of “Monroe”.

Anyway, it’s very interesting for any Nu Metal fans to find here some songs with a certain operatic accents of vocal lines (in a good sense of the word, of course), namely “Forsaken By God” and the title track. But the most unusual song here is “Punk”, not only fully justifying its name, but also proving that too much expression in vocal delivery is never enough for modern rock. Really, this is how music material at the mainstream border of Nu Metal should sound nowdays. And let's not forget some expressive guitar parts of one of the best Russian guitarists, Oleg Izotov, which propelled these songs to a truly international level of sound production. As since the work on the second album of InSammer is in full swing now, it’s naturally to think that “Seeds” maybe is still not a bridge between European and American musical cultures, but very important ladder for climbing such a bridge.

Promotional video for “The System”:

Direct link to YouTube.

Promotional video for “Seeds”:

Direct link to YouTube.
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