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Книга Джордана Блюма "Jethro Tull: Every album, Every Song" (2019)

28 июня в серии "On Track" будет издана книга нашего коллеги, музыкального журналиста Джордана Блюма (Jordan Blum) "Jethro Tull: Every album, Every Song", посвященная полной истории этой великой британской группы.


Jordan Blum’s book on history of Jethro Tull, Every album, Every Song will be published in On Track series on June 28, 2019.

• Jethro Tull: Every album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback – June 28, 2019 by Jordan Blum •

It's almost impossible to discuss the history of rock music without praising the monumental quality, impact, variety, and boldness of Britain's Jethro Tull. Named after an eighteenth-century agriculturalist - and not after their striking front-man Ian Anderson - the group almost immediately became one of the most ambitious, and significant acts in two subsections of the genre: progressive and folk rock. Officially formed in 1967, mastermind Anderson, guitarist Martin Barre and company initially forged a blues course before veering in a more diverse, and expansive direction. Their 1970s period - which is often considered their peak-took them close to progressive rock via iconic albums like Aqualung and Songs From The Wood plus lengthy narrative suites Thick as a Brick and A Passion Play, all hit albums on both sides of the Atlantic. Like numerous peers at the time (including ELP, Rush, Yes, and King Crimson), Tull then embraced the more commercially accessible demands of the 1980s - complete with a fair share of both synthesizers and hard rock. Album by album, this book examines the behind-the-scenes circumstances and motivations for each release via a track-by-track analysis to acutely observe why Jethro Tull were - and always will be - of invaluable 'benefit' to rock music.

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