February 19th, 2008


Прекрасная новость для всех настоящих меломанов

Стал читать сегодня новости на весьма любимом мною сайте Dutch Progressive Rock Page - а там написано такое! Вот этой новостью я и делюсь с вами – естественно, на языке оригинала.

Так что теперь Эл Ди Меола может забыть о своем сотрудничестве с Леонидом Агутиным…

RETURN TO FOREVER: Legendary supergroup "Return To Forever" will reunite in the summer of 2008... Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola and Lenny White (Return To Forever) are planning an extensive North American and European Tour which is sure to be "THE Jazz Event of 2008" (Beyond Jazz).

Return to Forever, one of the most influential groups of the 1970s, have long heard calls from their many fans for a reunion tour. Now those calls have been answered, with the classic lineup of keyboardist Chick Corea, bassist Stanley Clarke, guitarist Al Di Meola and drummer Lenny White planning a tour across the U.S. and Europe that will be their first performances together in more than 25 years.

The foursome is expected to play 40 to 50 dates across the U.S. and Europe, featuring the classic music from their four chart-topping albums. "It’s been a long time coming," says founder Chick Corea, "and I think it's going to be a blast! We plan to take the songs from the albums we made in the '70s and just play them like they’ve never been played before."

"In retrospect, the '70s were a very powerful time in instrumental music," Stanley Clarke adds. "We’re going to go out and play our music as honestly as we did then, and it will be a great thing for all of us."

Return to Forever helped create and define fusion, a new genre that brought multitudes of rock 'n' roll fans into the jazz world for the first time. Their influence is evident today in many musical genres, from the hip-hop samplings of Dr. Dre and Lupe Fiasco to a litany of jam bands to techno and prog bands.

A special Return to Forever anthology featuring remixed and remastered tracks from the classic albums 'Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy', 'Where Have I Known You Before', 'No Mystery' and 'Romantic Warrior' will be released to coincide with the tour.

Al Di Meola says, "This is something we’ve talked about for close to 30 years... how’s that? 30 years! We’ve come close a few times, but finally the timing was right." "We all felt the time was right to come back on a grand scale, raise the bar again and show people what serious music is really about," Lenny White concludes.

Ted Kurland Associates is the booking agency for 2008's Return to Forever tour, about which Russ Davis, Program Director for Beyond Jazz on XM Satellite Radio and the Jazz America Program on Voice of America enthuses: "The RTF reunion will be THE jazz event of 2008. Rarely does a magical event like this occur. I’m one of millions of fans who can’t wait!"