September 24th, 2013


7 октября – альбом Eden’s Curse «Symphony Of Sin»

7 октября будет издан четвертый студийный полноразмерный альбом интернационального хард-рокового проекта Eden’s Curse «Symphony Of Sin». Это – первая работа группы с сербским вокалистом Николой Мижичем (Nikola Mijic – Alogia и Dreyelands) и бывшим лидером группы Powerquest, клавишником Стивом Уильямсом. Также в составе группы – бас-гитарист Пол Логью, гитарист Торстен Коене и барабанщик Пит Ньюдек. Продюсер альбома – вновь бас-гитарист Pink Cream 69 Деннис Уорд. В записи титульного номера принимал участие малый состав симфонического оркестра.

По словам музыкантов, «новая работа является музыкальным продолжением альбома «Trinity» и одновременно нашим лучшим собранием мелодичных и мощных песен».

Трек-лист альбома «Symphony Of Sin»: Symphony Of Sin / Break The Silence / Evil And Divine / Unbreakable / Fallen From Grace / Losing My Faith / Rock Bottom / Great Unknown / Turn The Page / Sign Of The Cross / Wings To Fly / Devil In Disguise / Where Is The Love?

Видеоклип «Evil And Divine» с альбома Eden’s Curse «Symphony Of Sin»:

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Rush в отпуске

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rush bassist Geddy Lee says the band has no plans to regroup for a while following the recent completion of their “Clockwork Angels” world tour.

Their manager wants them to launch a tour next year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of drummer Neil Peart joining the group.

"That's not going to happen though," says Lee. "My attitude is that as much as I'd like to celebrate 40 years, we need a break more than we need a 40th anniversary celebration. There's nothing wrong with celebrating 42 years".

Asked if the band may not resurface until 2015, Geddy says “I think so. Something like that… The plan now is to have no plans. We have had a great 10 years of tour, album, tour album. I can honestly say that the three of us enjoyed this tour more than any one we've ever done. We left on a high note, but we recognize that we need to pay attention to our families and recharge our batteries. So we decided that we're just not going to discuss anything for a little while”.

“It's exciting for me because I get to spend a lot of time traveling with my wife,” he adds. “We love to do that. I am officially an empty nester now, so my wife and I have time on our hands. We have all kinds of trips planned, things we wanted to do for years but we put off. This is going to be a busy year for us. I'm totally fine with that.”

Asked if he is enjoying the break following the extensive world tour, Lee replied, “I am, yeah. It was the first tour I finished that I wasn't ready to finish, though. I think it's because I was in the best physical condition of my life. I worked really hard at being in shape for the tour. I was anticipating the difficulty of it. Our pacing is a little better. We had no back-to-back shows, and I spent my days off in the most boring possible way, just resting my voice. So I finished the tour feeling good. I'm usually kind of dragging my ass home at the end of the tour. This time I felt like, ‘I've still got a month of gigs left in me.’ But Alex was done in and Neil has a small child at home. He had to get home. So, that's cool. I understand that it's time to knock it on the head.”