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October 1st, 2013

Oct. 1st, 2013

Nicolas Trudgian «Twilight of the Red Baron».

В полный размер – 1 701 x 744Collapse )

Март 1918 года. Манфред фон Рихтгофен на своем красном триплане Fokker Dr. I (№425/17) ведет самолеты JG1 в атаку на английские истребители.
Просто размещаю здесь уже вчерашний пресс-релиз Frontiers Records

Royal Hunt’s to release their Symphonic Masterpiece “A Life to Die For” out in the fall on Frontiers.

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release on Royal Hunt’s brand new studio album “A Life to Die For” on November 29th in Europe and December 3rd in North America.

“A Life to Die For” – Royal Hunt’s 12th studio release – is a concept album not in the lyrical sense but musically, which sees the band expand their musical boundaries and bring their symphonic and grandiose musical element to the max employing a large number of classical / orchestra players in the studio as well as a large choir !

700 x 700 and 900 x 699Collapse )

Once again the US singer DC Cooper sees his trademark vocals shine throughout the songs penned by keyboard maestro Andre Andersen. The song writing and performances are absolutely top notch and this is Royal Hunt at their symphonic best ! In short “A Life to Die For” is another trademark release from Royal Hunt and truly an essential addition to any fan of Progressive Metal.

Andre Andersen said: “This album is all that any fan of this kind of music might dream about: strong songs with huge choruses, infectious riffs, technical yet memorable instrumental parts, stellar production this time mighty reinforced by classical instruments and – of course – instantly recognizable style.”

“A Life to Die For” will be released in a lavish digipak edition including an exclusive bonus DVD shot during the band’s last tour.

“A Life to Die For” tracklist: Hell Comes Down From Heaven / A Bullet’s Tale / Running Out of Tears / One Minute Left to Live / Sign of Yesterday / Won’t Trust, Won’t Fear, Won’t Beg / A Life to Die For.

Follow the band in the studio via the links below:
Studio diary #1: http://youtu.be/iM6GZfHKDJo
Studio diary #2: http://youtu.be/svEygcKHDDI

Andre Andersen
– Keyboards
DC Cooper – Lead Vocals
Allan Sorensen – Drums
Andreas Passmark – Bass Guitar
Jonas Larsen – Lead Guitars

Produced and mixed by Andre Andersen

Guest musicians:

Kenny Lubcke, Alexandra Popova – backing vocals
Jacob Kjær – guitar solo on “Running Out of Tears”
Soma Allpass, Christina Lund, Patricia Skovgaard, Christina Larsen – strings
Erik Rosenqvist, Mads Kofoed – brass / woodwinds
CV Company – choir



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