April 7th, 2018


Об уровне журналистики на примере одного параграфа…

Журнал “Time” от 2 декабря 1991 года, номер к 50-летию вступления США во Вторую Мировую войну:

“The newly commissioned Hornet sailed from San Francisco April 2 with 16 twin-engine B-25s and a lieutenant colonel who could fly anything anywhere: Jimmy Doolittle, star stunt pilot of 1930s. Neither Doolittle nor any of his pilots had ever taken off from a carrier, and gale winds whipped waves across the flight deck at the takeoff point some 1,100 km from Japan. “When [Jimmy’s] plane buzzed down the Hornet’s deck at 7:25,” recalled Admiral William (“Bull”) Halsey, commander of the mission, “there wasn’t a man topside who didn’t help him get into the air.”

На картинке – то самое “anything”, на котором летал Джимми Дулиттл: рекордный гоночный самолёт Gee Bee Model R-1 (1932).