vs_baronin (vs_baronin) wrote,

Музыкальный лытдыбр. Август 2011.

Динамика роста моей музыкальной коллекции за август месяц. *Звездочкой помечены носители японского производства.

Всего в коллекции – 208 DVD, 32 LD и 2 956 CD.

Приобретены LD (2):
MAGNUM “On The Wings Of Heaven Live” (1988)
PINK FLOYD “Delicate Sound Of Thunder” (1989)

Приобретены CD (23):
AMERICAN HEARTBREAK “Postcards From Hell” (2000)*
CROWN OF THORNS “Are You Ready ‘95” (MCD, 1995)*
DEF LEPPARD “In The Clubs… In Your Face” (CDS, 1992 / 1993)*
FASTWAY “All Fired Up” (1984)*
FOREIGNER “I’ll Fight For You” (CDS, 1991)
FOREIGNER “Profiled!” (1991)
FOREIGNER “Until The End Of Time” (CDS, 1995)
GYPSY KYSS “Last One In The World” (MCD, 1992)
HANOI ROCKS “Back In Yer Face” (CDS, 2005)*
HEAVEN’S EDGE “Heaven’s Edge” (1990)*
HEAVY BONES “Heavy Bones” (1992)*
DARREN HOUSHOLDER “Symphonic Aggression” (1995)
HOWE II “Now Hear This” (1990)
METALLICA “Master Of Puppets” (1986)
QUIREBOYS “Tramps & Thieves” (CDS, 1992)*
THE QUIREBOYS “Best Of The Quireboys” (2 CD, 1989-2008 / 2008)
RACER X “Snowball Of Doom 2 – Official Bootleg” (2 CD, 2002)*
ROUGH CUTT “Wants You!” (1986)*
SEA HAGS “Sea Hags” (1989)*
TEN “The Robe” (MCD, 1997)*
TOTO “I Will Remember” (CDS, 1995)
TRIXTER “Hear!” (1992)*
VOW WOW “Revive” (MCD, 1988)*

Ушли CD (3):
FASTWAY “The Collection” (1983-1986 / 2000)
HEAVEN’S EDGE “Heaven’s Edge” (1990)
SEA HAGS “Sea Hags” (1989)
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