vs_baronin (vs_baronin) wrote,

А не торгуй поддельными автографами!

Почему-то очень доставило:

A Missouri man who peddled more than 1,200 record album covers and sports memorabilia items with forged signatures plead guilty to fraud charges in federal court on Monday. David Bruce Shryock, 49, used eight different eBay accounts to defraud victims of more than $175,000, according to charges filed in federal court in Springfield, Missouri. One example cited in a plea agreement was the sale of the VAN HALEN album, 5150, bearing what Shyrock falsely claimed were the artists' autographs, for a winning eBay bid of $177. Prosecutors say Shryock carried out his scheme for almost six years, through last December. He plead guilty Monday to wire fraud and illegal possession of a firearm. He faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.

Из ленты новостей Hard Radio от 5 октября.

Случись такое у нас, так правозащитники и лица, к ним приравненные, обязательно отмазали бы наглого дурака. А над потерпевшими бы, напротив, посмеялись бы – и стал бы жадный обманщик героем всех и всяческих отечественных, с позволения сказать, «ток-шоу».

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