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Брайан Ферри – командор Ордена Британской империи

Вот еще событие из разряда тех, о которых у нас никто не напишет – хотя произошло оно аж еще 30 ноября. Ну да, у нас всё политика, да и вообще, Брайана Ферри у нас никто не знает и он никому не нужен.

Текст переводить было лень, поэтому читайте сокращенный оригинал (я выбросил из него все, что не относилось к Брайану) и смотрите официальные фотографии.


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Singer Bryan Ferry arrived at Buckingham Palace today (November 30th) to be made a CBE by the Queen.

The Roxy Music frontman wore a morning suit for the investiture ceremony which will recognise a recording career spanning nearly 40 years.

The group posed briefly for pictures at the Palace's Grand Entrance before heading inside.

Ferry, 66, has enjoyed international success with his innovative group and as a solo artist.

He is currently touring his latest album, Olympia, and played reunion shows with Roxy Music earlier this year.

Despite his aristocratic image, Ferry had humble beginnings in the Wearside town of Washington.

He studied fine art in Newcastle – under renowned pop artist Richard Hamilton, who died in September – and was working as a teacher in London while putting together prototypes of Roxy Music.

Ferry soon became marked out as a style icon, firstly as something of a space age teddy boy, and, later, elegant and suited.

Roxy Music’s experimental sound and song structures were as groundbreaking as their early image of sequins, glitter and boas.

Supermodel Jerry Hall – who was the covergirl for the band's Siren album in the guise of a mermaid – was the singer’s girlfriend, then his fiancee, before she left him for Mick Jagger.

Ferry was joined at the Palace by his four sons, Merlin, 20, Tara, 21, Isaac, 26, and countryside campaigner Otis, 28.

The singer said he managed to have a brief chat with the Queen, whom he met for the first time today.

“Meeting her was a bit of blur,” he said. “I told her how I’d been (performing) for a long time and she said ‘Music is always important, isn’t it?’ and I replied ‘Yes, ma’am’”.

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Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA.
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