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Royal Hunt: новый вокалист и новый альбом

Для тех, кто пропустил вчера все новости: новый вокалист Royal Hunt – всем нам хорошо известный Марк Боулс (экс-группа Теда Наджента, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Billionaire Boys Club и Ring Of Fire).

Вся прочая актуальная информация – в нижеприведенном пресс-релизе Frontiers Records.


“Collision Course… Paradox II

After 8 studio albums, 3 live albums/DVDs and a few special releases (EPs, compilations etc.) – combined sales over 1,5 million copies – the band decided to produce a sequel to their critically acclaimed release from 1997 “Paradox” (an album, which in a majority of respected publications like: Metal Hammer, Burrn!, Break Out, Classic Rock, Metal Edge etc., was honourably mentioned as one of the most essential albums of the 90s).

The sequel (Collision Course… Paradox II) takes off from the idea and atmosphere of its predecessor but – without a doubt – sounds charged to go for 2007. No ammunition’s being saved for this one – 6 months of recordings in NorthPoint Studio, mix at EMI Studios, best musicianship possible (the band was there to define the term neo-prog with their first release back in 1991) and even a bunch of good friends as participants: Doogie White (Rainbow, Y. Malmsteen), Ian Parry (Elegy, Consortium Project), Kenny Lubcke (Jokers Wild, Narita), Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade) among others. And yes, there are female voices, real violins, cellos and woodwinds thrown in for good measure.

With this album ROYAL HUNT is introducing their new lead singer Mark Boals (ex-Y. Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire). His great voice and talent, plus many years of experience are perfect fit for the band.

Andre Andersen comments on the band's website: "Album is done. It's such a great feeling to finally be able to hold your new “baby” in your hands (weird at the same time… looking at this tiny CD, knowing how much time and money went into its creation). And a bit sad at the same time – we had such a blast making it, there's been tons and tons of great moments in the process: countless barbeques and other assorted “nights out”, a bunch of dear friends/guests who joined us along the way and even the fact that all of us – for almost 6 months period – had this album as a cornerstone of our lives, the goal which we were working so hard to achieve – as a unit. I know, I know it sounds sentimental but there's always that bittersweet feeling than the job is done and you're looking back at the process… But now it's all history – for us, at least. For you there's another album to discover and – hopefully – to enjoy, and we all wish you the latter… in spades”.

The lyrical concept is as controversial as the original “Paradox” – this time concentrating on a “collision course” of modern Western world and “a new breed”, grown on Eastern religious movements. Musically you’ll have it all – album runs in a “non stop” fashion (all songs are chained together): there are huge epics, intricate progressive arrangements and all good things metal with killer melodies… and there will be videos… and a concert tour. Combine all this with an astonishing line-up and a grand scale production, and you’ve got a winner: ROYAL HUNT is about to reinvent this style of music – don’t miss it. Frontiers Records will release in Europe “Collision Course… Paradox II” on March 14th 2008, with more details to be announced at a later stage.

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